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Top Maui Restaurants 2010 now available

tmr-8-whiteIf you’re planning your trip to Maui, you need this lovingly researched restaurant guide which has been completely revised and entirely updated for 2010.

Tens of thousands of elated and relieved visitors trust Top Maui Restaurants (both the digital edition sold online and the identical paperback edition sold in bookstores and at amazon.com) to guide them to the best eats on Maui.

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Food journalists James and Molly Jacobson are two big-city-exiles who live on Maui and dine out an average of 11 times per week. Their honest, take-no-prisoners review guide is written with the philosophy that people who love to eat and prefer not to waste money on bad food should know the truth about Maui’s well-marketed dining scene.

haquoteDon’t leave your planning to chance or rely on those free guides packed with advertising from restaurants.

Other tourist books with their capsule “reviews” don’t come close to the insight you’ll get from opinionated, knowledgeable restaurant critics who live on Maui.

Top Maui Restaurants has been completely updated for 2010.

In this 2010 edition you’ll find:

  • The top romantic restaurants worth the splurge.
  • The best inexpensive but tasty places.
  • Hidden gems you wouldn’t find unless a local revealed the secret.
  • A user-friendly reference to help you fulfill any food craving.
  • Insider secrets and tips to help you get the most out of your Maui vacation.

NEW for 2010: A brand new Top Maui Tips section with useful, insider information to get the most out of your Maui vacation. Our best recommendations for planning that special wedding or anniversary event. Includes our top picks for great activities and cultural events.

Dining out on Maui is more expensive than any place else in America. For less than the price of a bad breakfast, this book could save your vacation.