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Get The Book On Maui

Top Maui Restaurants 2010 is sold on Maui at these stores:

  • Barnes & Noble (Lahaina): 808-662-1300 Map
  • Borders (Kahului):  808-877-6160 Map
  • Borders Express (Kihei): 808-875-6607 Map
  • Borders Express (Kahului): 808-871-6112 Map
  • Costco (Kahului): 808-877-5248 Map
  • Green Banana Cafe (Paia): 808-579-9130 Map
  • Maui Ocean Center (Ma'alaea): 808-270-7000 Map
  • Ono Gelato (Lahaina): 808-495-0203 Map
  • Ono Gelato (Paia): 808-579-9201 Map
  • Paia Inn Hotel (Paia): 808-579-6000 Map
  • Rodeo General Store (Makawao): 808-572-1868 Map
  • Ulupalakua Ranch Store & Grill (Kula): 808-878-2561 Map

If you are a retailer and would like to order the book, please go here.


  1. […] “Why don’t you have your book for sale!?!?!” (Because we had to turn them all over to local retailers who can’t keep them in stock! Borders in Kahului, Barnes & Noble in Lahaina, Whole Foods in Kahului, and even Costco – check this page for all the island locations.) […]