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MAUI, Hawaii – Dining out on Maui is more expensive than any place else in America.
For less than the price of a bad breakfast, there’s a new book that could save a vacation.

The newest book by Maui food critics James and Molly Jacobson,  Top Maui Restaurants 2010 From Thrifty to Four Star (Maui Media, 248 pages) was released on December 21, 2009.  It contains the most up-to-date reviews and information on the Maui dining scene.

James and Molly Jacobson – a husband and wife team -created the book to help visitors find the restaurants on Maui that are worth their vacation dollars.

“We take no prisoners when we write. If the place looks dirty, we say so. If the food is overcooked, we point it out. If the dessert is brilliant, we cheer and ooh and ahh. The better the restaurant, the pickier we get. But we don’t expect a banana bread stand by the side of the highway to rise to the standards set by Four Star restaurants,” said James Jacobson.

Information that you can find in Top Maui Restaurants includes:

  • The top romantic restaurants worth the splurge.
  • The best inexpensive but tasty places.
  • Hidden gems you wouldn’t find unless a local revealed the secret.
  • 100-point rating scale that accurately compares one establishment to another.
  • A user-friendly reference to help you fulfill any food craving.

With decades of research, over $107,000 invested in dining on the island, and tens of thousands of Maui visitors who have come to rely on Top Maui Restaurants, the Jacobson’s promise is “We eat bad food so you don’t have to.” Top Maui Restaurants is a straight-from-the-hip, tell-it-like-it-is, lay-it-on-the-line, tell-all bible to the Maui restaurant scene.

The authors, James and Molly Jacobson are members of the James Beard Foundation as well as Chaine Des Rotisseurs and are respected food writers who live, play, and eat on Maui. Tens of thousands of Maui visitors trust the Jacobson’s book when vacationing on Maui. For more information about the authors and to get your copy of Top Maui
Restaurants visit